About Us

About Us

We aim to be a premier research institute able to professionally manage a wide variety of research projects and clinical trials. Our team includes physicians and other scientists with significant experience in research,  data analysis and project management. We have experience in planning and implementing large, multinational clinical trials, advocacy and have successfully obtained and managed grant funding in support of our projects. The ERC strives to be a central location from which to coordinate research projects and offer support to interested collaborators.


  • Provide quality and accessible data
  • Ensure effective collaboration with various partners.
  • Conduct research that proposes sustainable solutions to the health outcomes of the community.

Our Core Values


We efficiently handle all aspects of the research process; from study design and grant applications to accounting of funds and dissemination of results. Our goal is to consistently provide our collaborators and funders with the most effective and simple  processes as possible.


While the ERC strives for efficiency, we also recognize the importance of maintaining transparency of our actions and assuring that all matters are handled with the utmost of professionalism.


We abide by national and international research standards we exhibit in everything we do.